Future SNME Plans, Foley Backstage At Raw, Ariel Update

sources: www.f4wonline.com, PWInsider.com

After looking at how they did last week’s Saturday Night Main Event’s show, WWE is seriously considering strongly revamping the next show in August. Or at the very least, taping it from Madison Square Garden when Raw runs their show there on 8/13. The next SNME show is scheduled to air on 8/18.

Mick Foley was backstage at Raw last night in Tampa, and even scheduled to appear on the show in angle with Vince McMahon, but was scratched right before the show started for some unknown reason.

Shelly “Ariel” Martinez was in attendance at this past weekend’s Wrestling Reunion convention in Carteret, NJ. She said that she would only autograph items in her real name, Shelly Martinez, and not her WWE name Ariel. She doesn’t own the copyright to the name and thus she didn’t want to get in trouble with WWE. Furthermore, on her MySpace page, the headline reads “Soon to be Koffin Kitten,” so it looks like ‘Koffin Kitten’ will be her new wrestling name. She also posted up a note on her MySpace page saying that she will be auctioning off some of the outfits she wore during her time in WWE soon.

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