WWE Vengeance Results 6-24-2007

Vengeance: The Hardys vs. Trevor Murdoch & Lance Cade [World Tag Team Championship Match]

Our ring announcer introduces Barry Windham and Mike Rotundo, who are seated in the front row at ringside.

We have a bell and Matt Hardy and Lance Cade start off. They lock up and break quickly.

Another lockup and another quick break. Matt kicks Cade in the gut and takes him down as he bounces off the ropes. Cade is upset and stalls, going into his corner to regroup.

Matt now goes rope to rope and takes Cade down, mounts and pummels. Tag to Jeff who whips Cade to the ropes. Double back elbow and they hit a double team maneuver and Cade gets a tag to Murdoch, who quickly jumps in and hits a swinging Neckbreaker and a two count.

Matt tagged in, Jeff arm wrings Murdoch and Matt flies in with a double axe handle smash to the arm. Arm wringer and a quick tag back to Jeff. Who runs in and leapfrogs off the back of Matt who dropped to all fours and connects on Murdoch in the corner. Hardys double clotheslines both men outside now. Murdoch and Cade on the outside teasing walking away. Hardys slide out and charge them from behind.

Back inside the ring, Matt and Cade are legal men and Cade hits a chop block while Murdoch distracted Matt. Working on the leg now is Cade. Murdoch tagged in now and he wrenches the ankle, drops an elbow and tags Cade in who hits another chop block.

Murdoch back in and applies a half crab to Matt Hardy. He finally breaks free and tags in Jeff who cleans house, hits a dropkick to Cade and back body drop to Murdoch. Jeff with a Neckbreaker on Cade and a two count.

Hardy hits a Whisper in the Wind on Cade and a two count. Followed by a face plant and Jeff goes to the top ropes. Murdoch charges trying to keep him of the ropes. Jeff kicks him off. Matt runs over to help out, the referee pulls him back. Murdoch shoves Jeff off the ropes allowing Cade to hit a powerbomb and score the pinfall for the victory. Your Winners: Trevor Murdoch & Lance Cade

Vengeance: Chavo Guerrero [c] vs. Jimmy Wang Yang [Cruiserweight Championship Match]

We take a look back at Eddie Guerrero’s championship history.

Chavo introduced first. Michael Cole talks about Dean Malenko as another great former champion who is here tonight looking on from backstage. Jimmy Yang is introduced next.

We have a bell and the two circle the ring. Chavo goes for a lock up and Yang goes low for a schoolboy. One count. We re-set. Lock up now, Side headlock takeover by Yang, still headlocked, floats around and a schoolboy, two count.

Chavo crashes Yang’s head into the turnbuckle, tries again and it’s blocked. Yang retaliates with a dropkick and a suplex to follow. One count for Wang. Wang applies a key lock. Yang gets sent to the outside by Chavo.

Chavo hits a baseball slide on Yang and the fight is shortly taken back inside. Chavo climbs the ropes and Jimmy Wang hits an insiguri to the head of Chavo knocking him off to the outside. Wang goes airborne and hits a plancha to the outside onto Chavo.

Chavo scoop slams Yang. Yang fights back now with a whip, but its reversed and Chavo trips Wang and follows it with a knee to the back, then followed by a rolling Senton. Guerrero whips Jimmy to the corner and he hits and falls to the mat. Snap mare by Chavo and now a chinlock applied.

Wang gets to a vertical base and out of desperation back body drops Chavo out of the hold. Inverted atomic drop by Wang. Elbow to Chavo, Wang leaps to the top rope and hits a missile dropkick. Chavo sent to the corner, Wang charges and hits a spinning heel kick. Wang climbs the ropes now and flies, hits a big flying cross body into a pin, for a two count.

Chavo hits two consecutive suplexes but the third is broken up and Wang hits a heel kick, and gets a two count. Wang sets up Chavo, he climbs the ropes and goes for a Moonsault, Chavo rolls out of the way. Chavo stalking a fallen Wang and he hoists him up for a Gory Special. Wang rolls through into a pin and gets two and a half.

Chavo goes to the top rope and hits a Frog Splash to the back of Wang, and scores the 1..2..3.. for the victory. Your Winner: Chavo Guerrero


Vengeance: Johnny Nitro vs. C.M. Punk [ECW Championship Match]

We take a video look back at Tazz’ history as ECW Champion.

Chris Benoit has been replaced on the card because of “personal reasons.” His replacement is Johnny Nitro.

The bell rings and Nitro backs himself into the corner in wait. We lock up. Crowd chanting, “We Want Benoit.” Front Chancery applied by Punk. Takeover by Nitro and we break.

Punk kicks the legs out from under Nitro. Punk whipped Nitro into the corner and he connects and falls to the mat. Punk slaps Nitro and whips again, reversed by Nitro and he then hits a springboard back kick off the ropes to the head of Punk

Nitro with a choke applied to Punk. Nitro pins Punk and gets only two and back to work on the arm-lock. Punk tries to get out by delivering forearm shots. He charges Nitro once he gets some separation and Nitro throws a boot into the face of Punk. Nitro then hits Punk’s move on him with a single arm backbreaker followed by a single-arm DDT, and a two count.

Nitro now applies another choke to Punk in the middle of the ring. Crowd chanting “BORING.” Punk gets out of the hold and hits an insiguri. Punk pulls himself to his feet. Punk goes to the ropes and hits a back kick on Nitro and a two count.

Nitro hits a knee lift and goes for a pin, puts his feet on the second rope for leverage and the referee stops the count. Punk then hits a swinging clothesline and a two count. Punk tries a GTS but Nitro rolls over for a sunset flip, Punk drops to his knees and gets a two count.

Punk goes to the apron, springboards to the top rope and into the ring, Nitro ducks and Punk rolls through. Nitro brings Punk inside through the second rope with his feet on the middle rope still. Nitro hits a Swinging Neckbreaker and scores the pinfall for the victory. Your Winner and new ECW Champion: Johnny Nitro

Vengeance: Santino Marella [c] vs. Umaga [Intercontinental Championship Match]

Ricky Steamboat is introduced; he comes to the top of the ramp just prior to Santino Marella’s intro. They shake hands and Steamboat leaves.

Bell rings and Umaga charges Santino. Santino drops to his feet and tries a rollup but he cannot do it. Santino leaps to the back of Umaga and tries clobbering him but Umaga just drops backward.

Umaga punches Santino to the back of the head and applies a nerve hold to the neck. Santino’s right hand cramps up and Umaga sends Marella to the corner and pummels him. The referee calls for the break, but Umaga does not listen. Suddenly we have a bell and Umaga is disqualified. Your Winner: Santino Marella

As Santino is announced as the winner, Umaga charges him in the corner and gives him a running face wash.

Umaga climbs the ropes and leaps off with a big splash. Crowd going crazy chanting “U-MA-GA!.” He is about to leave and he throws the thumb up and re-enters the ring, and hits a Samoan Spike on Marella. Crowd cheers Umaga.

The crowd chanting “One more time” Maria then runs down to the ring to attend to Santino.

Vengeance: M.V.P. [c] vs. Ric Flair [United States Championship Match]

Magnum TA is introduced at ringside as a former great United States Champion.

MVP is introduced and taunts Magnum as he makes his way to the ring. Ric Flair introduced.

We lock up and break in the corner. MVP taunting Flair in the corner. Flair gives him a big WOO. MVP throws a punch and knocks him outside of the ring.

MVP does the Ballin’ taunt and Flair charges him, grabbing the leg, and hitting a single leg takedown. Now with an ankle lock applied. He steps over and wrenches it more. MVP suplexes Flair across the top rope and charges him with a big boot to the head sending him to the outside mat.

MVP brings Flair back inside and tries a pin, two count, another attempt, two count, one more time, one count for MVP. MVP now applies a sleeper on Flair in the middle of the ring.

Flair gets a foot on the rope to break. Flair chops MVP and then gets backdropped by MVP. Montel applies another submission on the mat.

Porter hoists Flair up over his head and drops him behind him and then gets a two count. Porter picks him up and suplexes him over, then chops him again, followed by a back elbow. Flair then hits a back body drop on Porter and struts a bit. Flair climbs the ropes and pummels MVP, after 6 hits, Porter drops Flair face first into the turnbuckle. Porter then charges Flair in the corner with a boot and misses as Flair moves.

Flair hits a chop block and then applies the Figure Four in the middle of the ring. Porter manages to squirm to the bottom rope to break the hold. MVP hits a thumb to the eye and then hits the Playmaker. He scores the pinfall and gets the victory. Your Winner: MVP

Vengeance: Deuce & Domino [c] vs. Sgt. Slaughter & Jimmy Snuka [WWE Tag Team Championship Match]

Tony Gerea & Ric Martel are announced as being former tag team champions at ringside. Deuce gets on the mic and says that the place stinks like a couple of has beens. Domino gets the mic and says he didn’t even know they were alive, and he’s used to seeing them in black and white. Sgt. Slaughter is introduced first, and Jimmy Snuka as his partner is introduced next.

Bell rings and Snuka starts off with Domino. They lock up and Domino goes to the ropes and leapfrogs Snuka. Snuka hits a big chop and tags in Slaughter who sends Domino to the ropes and knees him in the gut, and does it again. Then a rib breaker by Sarge. Snap mare to follow and a two count for Sarge.

Sarge back body drops Domino and a two count only. He goes to the ropes and Domino hits Sarge who telegraphs the back body drop. And gets kicked. Sarge now slaps on the Cobra Clutch. He backs into enemy corner and Deuce clocks Sarge from behind and gets tagged in now.

Deuce now mounts Slaughter and pummels him. He drags him to the center of the ring and climbs the ropes. Deuce flies and Sarge moves, Deuce meets the mat face first. Sarge makes the desperation tag to Snuka who gets in a delivers fists to Deuce. Snuka hits a face plant on Domino and a two count as Domino breaks it up. Sarge tosses Domino out of the ring. Snuka climbs the ropes to go big fly and hits a flying cross body on Deuce who rolls it over and hangs on for a pinfall and the victory. Your Winners: Deuce and Domino After the match Tony Gerea and Ric Martel hit the ring and attack Deuce and Domino.


Vengeance: Edge [c] vs. Batista [World Heavyweight Championship Match]

Harley Race is introduced at ringside.

Edge is introduced first followed by Batista.

Bell rings and the two lock up. Batista shoves Edge into the turnbuckle. Batista shoves Edge into the corner and shoulderblocks him. Batista with an arm wringer and a top wristlock now into an arm lock.

Batista locks the elbow on Edge. Batista takes Edge over by the arm and again applies a wristlock. Batista sends Edge into the ropes and sidewalk slams Edge. Two count.

Batista charges Edge near the ropes now, Edge drops down and Batista falls to the outside. Edge goes outside after him and leaps, but is caught and rammed into the apron back first. Batista hoists Edge up over his shoulder, but he wriggles free and shoves Batista into the ring post. Edge retreats back inside the ring.

Back inside now and Edge pummels Batista as he makes his way through the ropes. Edge applies an arm lock on the mat.

Batista battling back and he throws punches, Edge hits a snap drop toe hold and goes back to the injured arm with an arm lock.

Batista picks up Edge from the submission into a Fireman’s carry and he tried a Samoan Drop but he keeps the submission applied and Batista falls to the mat without hitting the maneuver. Batista now powers up to a vertical base and breaks the hold with a forearm to the face of Edge. Batista shove sedge into the corner and charges, but is met with a big boot to the face by Edge.

Both men down now following a big Batista clothesline. Both men back to their feet and Edge with a headlock, sent to the ropes, and Batista hits a big back body drop. Edge charges Batista and Edge gets sidewalk slammed by Batista. Two count for Batista. He now sets up a Batista bomb but Edge maneuvers out of it and hits an impalor DDT. Two count. Batista rolls up Edge, kick out. Edge rolls up Batista, two count only.

Batista hoists up Edge for a Powerslam but Edge floats over and hits a reverse x-factor. Both men up. Edge calls for the Spear. He runs but instead Batista spears Edge. Batista sets up the Batista Bomb but Edge low blows Batista and the bell rings, as Edge is disqualified. Your Winner: Batista by DQ

Out comes Teddy Long with a mic and says that he is ordering the match to be restarted and if he disqualifies himself again, he will lose the title.

Bell rings and Edge immediately goes for a Spear, and hits it. 1…2…KICK OUT! Batista kicks out at two and a half. Edge goes for a chair but realizes he cannot use it. He goes back inside the ring and Batista rolls him up, but only gets two. Batista picks up Edge for a BatistaBomb and shoves him over his head into the ropes and he falls to the outside mat.

On the outside of the ring Batista hits a huge Batista Bomb on the outside mat and now rolls Edge’s limp body in the ring, while the referee is counting. Batista rolls Edge in, and steps up to get inside when the referee hits 10. Batista has lost the match. Your Winner: Edge by count out

After the match Batista hits a Batistabomb on Edge and leaves.

Vengeance: Melina [c] vs. Candice Michelle [Women’s Championship Match]

The two start with a test of strength but quickly Melina kicks Candice. Candice then hurricanrada’s Melina near the ropes and falls backward trying to tie her up in the ropes but instead Melina shoves her legs backward and Candice tumbles to the mat outside. Back inside. Melina gets a quick pin and a two count.

Melina charges Candice and headscissors her and then sashes her head on the mat. Melina applies a bow and arrow submission on Candice. Candice wriggles free and gets a two count. Melina charges Candice near the ropes, Candice ducks and Melina takes a nasty spill to the outside. Melina quickly climbs the ropes and gets back in. Candice hits a powerslam and an elbow drop, two count for Candice.

Melina sends Candice to the ropes who hits a Reverse Roundhouse Heel Kick on Melina and scores the pinfall for the victory.Your Winner and new champion: Candice Michelle

Vengeance: John Cena [c] vs. Mick Foley vs. Randy Orton vs. Bobby Lashley vs. King Booker[WWE Championship Challenge Match]

Lashley is introduced first. Followed by Booker, Mick Foley, and Randy Orton. Then we have John Cena.

The bell rings and four men are in the ring as King Booker retreats out. Lashley hits a big back body drop on Orton, and then Cena bulldogs him. Foley then clotheslines Orton over the top rope and he goes with him. Lashley and Cena face off in the middle of the ring until King Booker rushes in and clocks Cena out of the ring. Booker takes the fight to Lashley

Lashley now has all four opponents outside the ring bunched up. Lashley goes rope to rope and absolutely flies over the top rope onto all of the men on the outside. Lashley in the ring with Booker now. He ducks a sidekick and picks up Booker over his shoulders and drops to his knees for a backbraker and a two count, broken up by Cena. Chorus of “Boos” erupt.

Outside the ring Mick Foley clotheslines Orton and then King Booker suddenly attacks Foley. They exchange blows on the outside. Orton hits an inverted backbreaker on Lashley and stalks him for the RKO. He goes for it and Lashley shoves him off. Cena then hits an FU on Lashley through the announce table.

Inside the ring now, Booker hits a sidekick on Cena and gets a two count. Booker hits blows to the face of Cena and hits a scissors kick on Cena, desperation pin attempt but Randy Orton interrupts after a one count. Cena up now and he elbows Orton then clotheslines Booker, and a shoulderblock to Booker. Cena then hits a one-armed tilt powerbomb

Cena goes for a 5 Knuckle Shuffle. On the rebound off the ropes, Orton hits an RKO. Gets a two count! Mick Foley interrupts the count and now Foley pummels Orton in the corner and does the BANG! BANG! Hits a running knee to the face of Orton. Then he hits a Double Arm DDT and he goes for SOCKO!!

Mick gets clocked by Cena and Mick grabs a chair now and brings it inside the ring. He goes to clock Booker who moves and instead he hits Lashley. Then Foley hits Booker immediately after. He turns and sees Cena stumbling to get to his feet and he turns and clocks him. Orton charges Foley from behind and gets Speared.

Orton hits a running knee to the head of Foley. Lashley in suddenly Spears Orton. Booker kicks Lashley out of the ring. Cena hoists up Booker for an FU but stumbles near the ropes and dumps him outside the ring. Cena picks of Foley for an FU and hits it and pins Foley. Your Winner: John Cena


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