Revolution in Protective Equipment: Self-Cleaning Face Masks are Environmentally Sustainable and Much Safer

European company är provides first-rate protection using cutting-edge technologies from Sweden. From state of the art technologies to premium design, every part of this self-cleaning face mask is highly developed.

ViralOff® is an antiviral technology made by Swedish company Polygiene. This innovative treatment reduces the presence of viruses on textiles by 99% in two hours. As ViralOff® doesn’t allow bacterias and viruses to live longer than 2 hours on treated surfaces, the är Facemask, which is fully covered with the special treatment, can self-sterilize on its own.

The mask is scientifically tested and certified by ISO18184:2019, Oeko-tex® Eco Passports and bluesign®. The ingredient chemistry of ViralOff® is manufactured in the EU with minimal use of resources and is following strict environmental and health regulations. The active ingredient was tested against Influenza A (H3N2 and H1N1), BirdFlu, Norovirus and Corona (SARS). In all cases, 99% levels of reduction were achieved.

ViralOff® is a durable and always-on treatment, making the maintenance of the mask very simple.

The significant benefits of är Facemask:



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