WWE SmackDown Results (2/7): Goldberg’s Back – Who’s Next?

February 7, 2020


John Morrison and The Miz introduce themselves in the same way they did previously, with Morrison questioning his partner for still using the ‘Chick Magnet’ nickname. Tonight’s Dirt Sheet is kicking off with a brand new premiere of their movie teaser as we then get shown ‘Once Upon A Time On The Dirt Sheet.’


"Once Upon a Time… On The Dirt Sheet" 🎬 #SmackDown @mikethemiz @TheRealMorrison pic.twitter.com/0nDi1l6tkQ

— WWE (@WWE) February 8, 2020

The video ends claiming they will become Tag Team Champions at WWE Super Showdown. The New Day then makes their way out, bringing an end to the returning Dirt Sheet very quickly. Kofi Kingston says the trailer was amazing as Big E says it had it all.

Kofi reveals he is Mr. Miz’s favorite WWE Superstar (he was in the trailer), with Big E saying it had comedy, as the fact they think that they will the titles is hilarious. Miz then points out that they have dominated everyone since they’ve returned, including New Day.

One team that might disagree with that…The Usos are here! Jey Usos points out that Miz and Morrison have never beaten them…and then Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode makes his way out, but while that happens Miz and Morrison attack New Day from behind.


Robert Roode starts out dominating Jimmy Uso, lighting him up with a chop until he gets taken down by the Uso who then connects with a right hand to Dolph Ziggler as well, tagging in his brother. Jey Uso tries to keep the momentum going but his foot is grabbed by Ziggler and the distraction proves vital.

The Show-Off then gets into the ring and catches Jey with a major dropkick and Robert Roode then claws away at the eyes while Ziggler distracts the official. Ziggler connects with the Famouser, but of course, that only gets a near fall and he lands a cheap shot to Jimmy on the outside.

Jey does go for a roll-up, but that doesn’t work as Ziggler and Roode hit an incredible Zig Zag/Spinebuster double-team. However, Jimmy hits the ring to stop the pinfall and level the odds as Jey connects with an enziguri. He heads to the top rope but once again Ziggler distracts as Roode shoves him from the top rope, leading to Jey landing hard on the outside.

Somehow THIS wasn't enough to put Jey @WWEUsos away on #SmackDown!@HEELZiggler @RealRobertRoode pic.twitter.com/sflXfrNTfh

— WWE (@WWE) February 8, 2020

Back from commercial and the heels are still in control, isolating Jey Uso. He continues to fight, though, catching Dolph with some big right hands, but Ziggler goes straight for the knee and drags him back to his corner for Roode to tag in.

Jey fights back in the opposite corner and dumps Robert Roode out of the ring, but just before he can make the tag Roode gets involved. However, Roode goes for a cheapshot and misses which allows Jey to get to his brother and Jimmy lights things up as he returns to action.

Jimmy drops Robert and then Dolph with a Samoan Drop each as they get set up in the corner for him to pay homage to Rikishi. However, as he goes to Roode, the Glorious One is back up and hits a great power slam to get back in control.

Roode tries to hit his finisher, but Jimmy reverses and Dolph tags in. Jimmy tries to get a tag but is stopped with a Zig-Zag, however, Jimmy somehow kicks out! Dolph then tunes up the band, but Jimy beats him to it and nails a Superkick of his own.

Jey then tags in and goes for the Frog Splash but Ziggler gets the knees up. He and Roode then try another double team but Jimmy stops it only to be sent over the top rope with Ziggler. However, Jimmy is back to his feet first, and Jey gets the tag for them to hit a double superkick before a Frog Splash.

Winners: The Usos

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