Triple H Discusses Putting NXT Takeover: Tampa Matches On Weekly WWE NXT

Triple H recently spoke with where he discussed the decision to use the NXT Takeover: Tampa matches on WWE NXT television.

The show had to be pulled due to the outbreak of Coronavirus and Triple H made the decision to put the planned matches on WWE NXT television so that the matches can keep happening. However, Triple H admitted that not every match will be able to take place at this stage.

“The decision to not doing a TakeOver separate and bringing TakeOver and putting them on to the weekly episodes really came down to the decision of, amount of content that needed to take place in a very short period of time leading into WrestleMania. It just made sense for us to do it in a different factor. When you take into consideration it’s a separate event but no one is going to be there to see it live anyway, it really made sense for us to do it this way. Not all the matches, at this point, will be able to take place, but we’ll get there down the line and continue to create the content that we can,”┬áhe said.

Triple H also spoke about the upcoming Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa match, revealing that the plan is for this to be the last time they compete against each other.


“It is the intention. We would all like the move in different directions. They have had such a spectacular rivalry and partnership and everything else over the years. And it seems like every time we get to the giant climax episode or chapter of their story, something comes up, either an injury or something that doesn’t allow it to happen in the manner (intended). This is not different. It will be spectacular and put some finality to this and deliver to fans in a meaningful way. The intention is to move to a new direction.”

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