Former Ring Ka King Champion Returns to Action on Impact Wrestling, Havok Literally Murders Su Yung (Videos)

Havok Literally Murders Su Yung

We have seen Impact Wrestling literally kill off characters, but this time one actually came back from the dead… Friday night’s all-new episode saw Jessicka Havok battle Su Yung, eventually leading to a backstage segment where she hung her over a stairwell using an actual noose.

Later in the show Yung was shown in the hospital being treated by doctors when she flatlines, and they are unable to save her. Until… she mysteriously comes back to life about 30 seconds later.

Mahabali Sheera Returns to Action

In case you missed it, Mahabali Sheera returned to Impact Wrestling last week and aligned himself with Gama Singh and the Desi Hit Squad. The former Ring Ka King Champion defeated Cody Deaner in his first match back with the promotion in a little over two years.

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