Brodie Lee Credits Daniel Bryan For Pitching His Final WWE Return

During his appearance on Talk Is Jericho, Brodie Lee gave major praise to Daniel Bryan for how he personally pitched for him and Rowan.

Brodie did return to WWE to work with Rowan and Daniel Bryan and Lee revealed that Daniel Bryan personally rang him and pitched to have him return to WWE.

“Fast forward to, I think, October and [Cesaro] goes, ‘Can [Daniel] Bryan call you?’ ‘Sure, of course.’ Bryan calls me and goes, ‘How are you feeling right now?’ ‘I’m waiting for my contract to end. I’ve got six more months. They’re just not going to do anything with me so I’m waiting for it to end.’ ‘Do you wanna come back and work?’ ‘With who?’ ‘Me.’ ‘Yeah.’ Bryan is one of the people in the business that I respect the most, one of the top guys in the business. They built this storyline of who attacked Roman and it ended up being Rowan. In my mind I’m like, ‘Even if this doesn’t work out for me, maybe I can kick off something for Rowan before I leave.’ We go through the angle, they change the finish on us, we’re supposed to beat them, they change it to them up. I did two months, three tours, they flipped the finish and did the draft a week after the Fox debut and they were like, ‘You guys are staying together, go on a tag run.’ I was like, ‘Okay, cool. This will be a fun way to end my WWE run.’ Then, the next day, Rowan gets drafted to Raw without them telling us and it all came to an end again and they sent me home,”┬árecalled Lee.

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