Dana White Doubtful on Brock Lesnar vs. Daniel Cormier in the UFC

Dana White has commented on the possibility of UFC champion Daniel Cormier defending his title against former WWE Universal champion Brock Lesnar. The comments came during a press conference on April 12, where White was asked when the fight would happen.

“Seriously? That fight isn’t even in the works. That fight might not even happen. (Crowd boos) Yeah, that’s what Cormier said too.

I don’t know if he’ll fight again, we don’t have a date for him right now.”

The audience in attendance booed White’s answer, making it obvious that the UFC faithful wants to see Brock come back to the world of MMA. Rumors have been swirling regarding this matchup since July of 2018, when Lesnar stormed the Octagon and shoved Cormier with the whole world watching.

White didn’t have much to say after the initial question regarding Brock and closed the subject with a response that he’s given on more than one occasion.

“Brock and I haven’t even talked, I don’t  talk to Brock. Like I said many times, when Brock Lesnar’s ready, he’ll call me.”

This is surely a bizarre situation for many WWE fans, who have indeed been expecting The Beast Incarnate to leave for the UFC in 2019. Paul Heyman has teased it many times before and Brock’s body has changed, suggesting that he’s getting into fighting shape rather than pro wrestling shape.

Lesnar recently lost his Universal Championship to Seth Rollins at WrestleMania 35 in the first match on the main card.

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