Ronda Rousey Reportedly Injured In WrestleMania Main Event; Backstage News On Possible “Botched” Finish

“Rowdy” Ronda Rousey may have suffered a broken hand during Sunday night’s historic WrestleMania main event, according to a report from Dave Meltzer via¬†Wrestling Observer Radio.

Rousey, who unsuccessfully defended her Raw Women’s Championship in a “Winner Take All” match at MetLife Stadium, is reportedly set to step away from the wrestling world following her second consecutive WrestleMania appearance — at least for the time being. That much has been talked about for several months now.

Additionally, there has been a lot of discussion among fans about the seemingly controversial finish to Sunday’s match, as Rousey appeared to get her shoulder up prior to the final three-count that ultimately cost her the title to Becky Lynch, who also now holds the Smackdown Women’s title as well.

It was certainly an interesting situation, as the production crew in the truck ran back the finish multiple times, as the commentary team speculated on whether or not Rousey did, or did not get her shoulder up. However, sources also indicate that the plan all along was for Lynch to score the win via pinfall in that spot, and the only “botch” that occurred was that Rousey’s shoulders appeared to be slightly off the mat before the three-count.

There was apparently a lot of discussion backstage as to whether or not the UFC Hall of Famer should take the loss by pinfall or submission, give that both Lynch and Flair have submission-based finishing moves. While many thought Ronda tapping out would make for a more satisfying finish, it was also heavily argued against. It’s worth noting that she never tapped out in all her time in MMA as well, so the pin, in a way, does protect her legacy even though the two mediums are completely different forms of entertainment.

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