Finn Balor on Becky Lynch Finding Self-Confidence: “I Think Everybody Believed In Becky Lynch Except Herself”

WWE Superstar Finn Balor was a special guest on this week’s Notsam Wrestling podcast with Sam Roberts, promoting his upcoming match against Drew McIntyre at WWE TLC on Sunday, Dec. 16th.

During the interview, Balor was asked about his long friendship with Becky Lynch, and to what he attributes her recent mega-stardom on Smackdown Live.

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“Can I believe that this is happening? Yes. I’ve always believed that Becky had that in here, I just don’t know that she believed it.

“Maybe in the last couple months she’s started to get that self-confidence. I think everybody believed in her except herself. Finally she got that self-confidence and she’s been rockin’, man. It’s unbelievable to watch, and I think it’s only going to get bigger.

“She is on fire right now, and she’s been around almost as long as me. She’s been around 15-16 years or something, so she knows exactly what she’s doing in the ring. She’s comfortable, her promos are on fire, and she’s killing. Long may it continue.”

As a fellow Irishman, Becky Lynch sought out and actually trained under a young Finn Balor (then known by his real name, Fergal Devitt) and Paul Tracey way back in 2002.

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