James Storm Talks Turning Down WWE, Why He Works For ICW, Discusses Facing Grado

The Cowboy, James Storm recently spoke with The Mirror ahead of ICW’s Fear And Loathing XI event where he discussed turning down WWE and more.

On turning down WWE:

“It was basically just family time really. I had some family problems that came up. Me and my wife at the time were trying to have a baby and she had to take the shots and stuff like that.I had to be at home and I just knew with the WWE schedule, that I wouldn’t be able to be around to give her that.

“It was Triple H who basically told me to take the TNA deal and then after that, get myself in the best shape I can and to give him a call and do business.”

Why he works with ICW:

“When I got done with my first match for company, I got backstage and I was talking to Mark (Dallas) and he was like ‘you’re exactly what we wanted here’. He told me I was one of those imports that comes over here that went out and busted my ass, and that he definitely wanted me back. And I’ve been showing the crowd every week that I’m not just coming there to collect a paycheck. I’m coming there to beat people up and hopefully become the ICW Champion one day.”

Facing Grado at Fear And Loathing XI:

The hardest part is going to be for me to keep a straight face half the time. He just does some stuff off the wall that just makes people come out of character and just start laughing. It’s going to be one of those things you know, Grado is kind of like me. He can wrestle any style.

“You put him in there with anyone and he can basically do anything, so it’s going to be pretty cool to see and pretty difficult to wrestle against because like I said, he can do anything he wants to.

” And he can move for a big guy. A lot of people don’t understand how big Grado actually is, until you get in the ring with him. He’s not a small guy so for him to do a lot of the stuff he does, it takes a lot of ability.”

Source :

The Mirror

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