NXT UK Results (11/22): Rhea Ripley vs Dakota Kai, Two Big Hosses Collide, Women’s Tournament Semifinals

WWE NXT UK Results
November 22, 2018
Episode #10

— We are down to FOUR competitors left in the tournament to crown the first ever NXT UK Women’s Championship. Tonight, we narrow it down to TWO!

— RHEA RIPLEY def. DAKOTA KAI in an NXT UK Women’s Championship semifinal tournament match. They actually got some decent time to work, going about 10 minutes with Ripley dominating the action and Kai playing the underdog babyface. Ripley ducked a spin kick and hit the Riptide to advance.

— Sid Scala left Johnny Saint’s office with a big grin on his face. He announced that in two weeks he would face Joe Coffey, despite not being medically cleared to compete at this point.

— Jordan Devlin was interviewed backstage and once again called out NXT UK Champion Pete Dunne. He claimed that defeating Ligero last week put him in line for a title shot, complaining that Dunne has only held onto his title for so long by defending against “pathetic” names like Mark Andrews and Tyler Bate. When he wins the title, he will turn NXT UK into NXT Ireland.

— FLASH MORGAN WEBSTER & MARK ANDREWS def. JOSEPH CONNERS & SAXON HUXLEY. Andrews scored the win for his team with a shooting star press on Huxley. After the match, Conners turned on his partner and left him laying.

— DAVE MASTIFF def. TYSON T-BONE. A battle between two big hosses. Mastiff hit a big running crossbody at the end, then a stiff headbutt and a bunch of brutal looking elbow strikes. He hit a giant German suplex, connected with a cannonball splash in the corner and snuck out the win.

— Pete Dunne will defend the NXT UK Championship in “two weeks time” against Jordan Devlin. If they keep up their two-a-week release schedule, this should air next Wednesday during the second episode.

— TONI STORM def. JINNY in an NXT UK Women’s Championship semifinal tournament match. Great main event. Jinny looked like she might have it in the bag for a minute, escaping Storm Zero and hitting a big spin kick. Storm kicked out at two-and-a-half, rallied back, connected with a German suplex and this time hit the Storm Zero driver to win.

— Toni Storm and Rhea Ripley had a staredown to end the show. It almost turned physical as Ripley shoved her, but Johnny Saint came out and got in between the two.

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