SPOILER: Candice LeRae Gets Gets Involved in Top NXT Storyline

This column contains a MAJOR SPOILER from the latest rounds of NXT tapings that took place on Thursday, January 3.


Candice LeRae has apparently had enough of the apparent truce between her husband Johnny Gargano and current NXT champion Tomasso Ciampa. The former best friends appeared to be on the verge of coming together once again, when Candice suddenly interrupted and evidently convinced Johnny that it was not a good idea.

This is surely a great bit of news for many NXT fans, who have indeed been perplexed by the recent series of events surrounding Gargano and Ciampa. The two men spent the majority of 2018 trying to destroy each other and it looked as though the former DIY duo would fight forever.

But then Johnny Wrestling sneak-attacked Aleister Black in the Full Sail parking lot and suddenly, everything was turned upside down. Gargano turned heel, leading to a steel cage match between him and Black on an episode of NXT. Ciampa actually gave Gargano the assist that night and the two appeared to be on the same page once again.

This bizarre sequence has led some to believe that Gargano has been poorly booked. But now that LeRae has been introduced as the voice of reason, perhaps the storyline will take on a new life. Moments before Candice confronted her husband, Gargano made the save for Ciampa against Black.

However there is a new wrinkle in the angle thanks to LeRae. Whether or not this will ultimately lead to Johnny turning babyface again is unknown. But the story should get much more interesting from this point on.

Scoop #44: Looks like Gargano & Ciampa will make peace then Candice LeRae comes out to convince Gargano it is a bad idea pic.twitter.com/WLFtHm8ra6

— Jacob Cohen (@MrJacobCohen) January 4, 2019

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