Matt Hardy Reveals Who He Would Like To Induct The Hardy Boyz To WWE’s Hall Of Fame, Talks ‘Mania Dream Match

Matt Hardy recently spoke with Sam Roberts for Ringside Collectibles as he discussed who he wants to induct him and Jeff Hardy into the WWE Hall Of Fame. Below are some highlights with a H/T to for the transcriptions.

On who he wants to induct the Hardy Boyz into the Hall Of Fame:

“I would say the person I would want to induct myself and my brother would be the person who took us under his wing and taught us more about the wrestling business than anyone else. That is Michael P.S. Hayes,” Hardy continued. “I’m sure his intro would be long but it would be super good, because he is entertaining as hell.”

Potential dream opponent if he was to wrestle at WrestleMania 35:

“Now that he is back, Shawn Michaels. If you have him back on the table, you just have to take advantage and utilize him.”

On his new Wrestling Buddy figure:

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“I knew the wrestling buddies were coming out, I am pretty excited for those, mainly I think my boys are going to love to beat them up, they are very cool and also a little creepy so I am excited to have them.”

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