News On The Original Plans For WWE Crown Jewel; How Long Has Brock Lesnar Signed On For?

During the latest Wrestling Observer Radio, the original plans for WWE Crown Jewel and Brock Lesnar’s contract status were discussed in detail.

WWE was forced to change plans for the Universal Championship match at the Saudi Arabia show after Roman Reigns was forced to vacate the title. The match was shifted to a singles match between Lesnar and Braun Strowman with the Beast regaining the title in convincing fashion in what was a fairly surprising result.

Dave Meltzer noted that the original plans, had the triple threat taken place, would have seen Roman Reigns retain the title and Lesnar would have wrapped up his contract.

With Brock Lesnar getting set for a UFC return to face Daniel Cormier most people had assumed that Braun Strowman would become Universal Champion, however, Lesnar has now signed a new deal with WWE which reportedly will see him wrestle at least two more matches for the company.

Lesnar signed the deal last week after WWE changed the plans and whilst it is unknown when his first title defence will take place, Lesnar’s next match will be against AJ Styles at WWE Survivor Series. It is also worth noting that his new deal is not exclusive to WWE, meaning he can fight in UFC.

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Wrestling Observer Radio

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