Trial Date Set For Joey Mercury Stemming From Arrest Over “ALL IN” Weekend

As noted, former WWE star Joey Mercury was arrested in September over “ALL IN” weekend in Chicago, and according to, Mercury, real name Adam Birch, was arraigned this morning in Orange County, FL.

A trial date has been for January 14th, 2019 for Birch, in one of two current cases against Birch in Florida. In the case set for trial in January, Birch has been charged with illegally using a credit card to obtain $300 on April 28th of this year. Birch was officially charged with Fraudulent Use or Possession of Personal Identification Information, Fraudulent Use of a Credit Card to obtain more than $100 in value, Grand Theft Third Degree and Petty Theft.

In the other case, Birch was charged with similar crimes which allegedly took place in May of this year, however he submitted court document claiming he was out of the country when the alleged crimes took place in Florida.

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Birch has plead not guilty in both cases.

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