The IIconics Talk Not Blowing Their Promos, Working Together, The Difference Between NXT & Main Roster, More

The IIconics recently spoke with Sam Roberts to promote WWE 2K19 and they discussed a variety of topics from working together to not blowing their promos. Below are some highlights:

On working together:

Peyton Royce: “We had that opportunity in NXT to find ourselves and I did not feel like a complete Peyton Royce without my Billie Kay. This is how it should be and how I always want it to be.”

On talking during their entrances and if it doesn’t work:

Billie Kay: “I don’t feel I’ve ever felt it not work, to be honest. Every time we go out there I feel like we get the reaction that we are after.”

Peyton Royce: “Often times the crowd are very vocal about how much dislike they have towards us, but I feel like we have a message, and we are going to get it across.”

The difference between NXT & main roster:

Peyton Royce: “There’s a lot of travel, a lot more travel. There was travel in NXT too but most nights you got to sleep in your own bed, being on the main roster you don’t get that but we travel together so I have home with me so it’s easy.

Billie Kay:”The biggest thing for me was live TV, in NXT everything is taped and we had never done a live talking promo, our debut we were so scared.”

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On not being on NXT for four months:

Peyton Royce: “It was scary, it took us quite a while to get to that point and then we were like ‘oh, please don’t forget us.’

If any of the above transcriptions are used please H/T and you can check out the full interview below:


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