Binotto puts his money on Hamilton, but roots for Max

Ferrari boss Mattia Binotto hopes the 2021 title fight between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen goes down to the wire, but while his mind is betting on the former, his hopes are pinned on the latter.

While he awaits the hopefully not too distant day when the Scuderia’s drivers will be mixing it for top honours with F1’s current front-runners on a regular basis, Binotto is looking on at the fierce battle between F1’s top rivals with the passion of a super fan.

However, he admits being split about the outcome of the uncompromising battle.

“It’s an exciting challenge between two great drivers and I hope they fight to the end,” said Binotto in an interview with Italy’s Gazzetta.

“If I had to bet, I’d bet on Lewis, because I think Mercedes will win in the end. But I’m rooting for Max. It would do the sport good to break the status quo.”

Looking at Ferrari’s own talented chargers, Binotto reiterated his belief that Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz form the best line-up on the 2021 grid.

“I am convinced that with Leclerc and Sainz we have the best duo in F1,” he repeated. They are talented, fast and young, a guarantee for the future.

“We know Charles, he grew up in our academy, we have no doubt about his abilities. Without the accidents in qualifying in Monte Carlo and at the start of Hungary, in which he was also unlucky, he would have an extra victory and second place.

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“He is developing his vision of racing and in tyre management.

“Carlos didn’t surprise me,” added Binotto. “Before taking him, we analysed his characteristics: he is solid, he brings points to the team and he is clear in communicating with the engineers.

“He is integrating and understanding the car better and better.”

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