Killer Kross On Coming Up With His Gimmick, His Goals With IMPACT Wrestling, More

IMPACT Wrestling star, Killer Kross recently spoke with Vulture Hound regarding his time with IMPACT and what the company is doing to be different, below are some highlights of the interview:

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Coming up with his gimmick:

“I draw a lot from novels and movies and television but, to be perfectly honest, I really just assess what’s going on in professional wrestling as a whole and I attempt to collect things through culture, through society for my own personal experiences, things that I can relate with. I try to translate that into what you’re watching so there’s a sense of familiarness in what you’re seeing you’re going to see something that you’re not seeing somewhere else. I try to be as aware of that as possible. I think it’s as I said before earlier I think it’s extremely important to provide people with it’s not entirely original something fresh, fresh content so when I observe how I can contribute beyond what is being asked of me, I go with that philosophy.”

His goals with IMPACT:

“My goals in Impact are very simple. I want to hurt as many people as humanly possible in an expedited fashion. I’d like to become a household name in this business. I’d like to bring change to Impact Wrestling and as of right now, we are on course to do that.”

How IMPACT is standing out:

“I think at this present time, respectfully, Impact Wrestling is separating itself from other promotions as we speak in terms of doing new things, more innovative things than they are currently doing. I probably wouldn’t be the best person to answer that question, however, I will say what I do like that they are doing currently right now is the way they’re spreading out the show, between vignettes, between promos, between the action in the ring, and their comfortability with allowing things to just happen as they’ve been playing out on television. I think it’s opening up new doors to creativity that will translate from the television to the viewer and I think a lot of people watching can feel that there’s something because how you could describe it as new.”

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Vulture Hound

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