Jeff Jarrett “Anxious” Ahead Of His Spoken Word Tour, Talks Why He Is Touring And His Thoughts On Inter Gender Wrestling

WWE Hall Of Famer, Jeff Jarrett recently spoke with The Mirror ahead of his spoken word tour as he gave his thoughts on inter gender wrestling and more.

Being anxious for the tour:

“Well it was announced in late February that I would be in the Hall of Fame and it happened 32 years to the day of my first match. I was contacted by some promoters in the UK who I have worked with for years and they put the proposal in front of me. Firstly I was like, ‘are you guys sure? I haven’t done one of these before’. But after speaking it through, I am very excited and anxious all together about it.”

Why is he touring instead of a book/podcast:

“I’ve been approached for views about doing a book, but I never wrapped my head around it, in terms of where does it end? I suppose after being inducted into the Hall of Fame that gave me a second thought. But I have also been approached about doing podcasts and those type of things. The thing with this tour is that I have always loved live performances and this is going to be in front of real wrestling fans, who are going to be keen to engage.”

His thoughts on inter gender wrestling:

“As a wrestling promoter, I believe that it has to be a unique, special situation. Inter gender matches should be treated on a case by case basis. If they become the norm then I don’t think it is interesting. But for sure, if done right with the right talent, they have the appeal of stealing the show.”

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The Mirror

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