Vinny Marseglia Talks Which British Wrestling Star He Wants To Face, Training With Spike Dudley & Working For ROH

During a recent interview with the Daily Mirror the Horror King, Vinny Marseglia spoke about which British wrestling star he wants to face and more.

Which British wrestling star he wants to face:

“I am really trying to push the issue of having a singles match with Jimmy Havoc when ROH return to the UK later in the year. We have very similar things we like in our lives and it would make for a very good match in ROH. If there is any way we can push that, I would love that match.”

Training with Spike Dudley:

“Spike Dudley saw me locally and said that I have potential and asked to help me. At that time I was trying and he was keen to help me. I continued to work locally and then Matt Taven, who was at that time about a year ahead of me convinced me to go down there. Spike was great and he broke me down and built me back up.

“I had no idea on psychology in wrestling and was blown away with how smart he was and what he knew. The thing I loved most about him though was that he was honest. I remember the first time he asked me to do a match in training and afterwards he ripped it apart and said it sucked. You need that and it always keeps you level.”

Joining ROH:

“I just loved the wrestling for ROH. Me and Matt decided we wanted to attend an ROH camp and Matt did awesome during that first camp. I did well but just still didn’t know who or what I was in the ring. After going to the first ROH camp, I started to get opportunities with them.

“I took part in a 30-second squash match which Rhyno killed me in, but that was great. I got to wrestle Tommaso Ciampa, Davey Richards… and it just made me want to be there. I also had a championship match with Jay Lethal in my hometown, which was awesome to me. To do that against one of the best in the world in my hometown was incredible. Shortly after that, I joined Matt in The Kingdom and after all this time and working – I have put all my time into it – I am now a two-time ROH champion. That is just cool to be a part of.”

Being a Champion for ROH:

“When I first won it, it was awesome. You know because not only did it happen with close friends but it was at the Manhattan Centre, where I had always wanted to wrestle. In 2012, I sat in the highest level of that building watching one of the Final Battle shows. I was thinking, ‘man, I would love to be part of this show’. So being in that building for the final match for the newly-created six-man tag team titles I was just like, it was awesome. I seriously can’t even explain it.”

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Daily Mirror

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