WATCH: Daniel Bryan Eviscerates Big Cass in Backstage Smackdown Promo, Calls Him ‘Entitled and Lazy’

WWE has released the above video, featuring Daniel Bryan responding to the comments made by Big Cass on WWE Smackdown this week.

“You see, Big Cass thinks he’s just a big deal because he’s big, “said Bryan. “And he keeps saying, ‘seven feet tall and you can’t teach that. You know what you can teach? Every single thing that I know. You can teach people the Yes Lock, you can teach people a Heel Hook, you can teach people how to kick them in the head so it’s shin bone to the dome when your momma ain’t home. But Big Cass, he hasn’t learned any of that. Why? Because he’s entitled and he’s lazy.

“You think Big Cass had a message for me? Well, guess what, I have a message for Big Cass. Big Cass, guess what? You said you’re gonna break my leg in half. You don’t even know how. You haven’t trained hard enough. You haven’t been in the gym hard enough. You don’t know how to wrestle hard enough to break my leg in half.”

Bryan ends his message by warning Cass he will stomp him in the face at Money in the Bank until he has to give up, and “you can’t teach surviving that”.

In case you missed Big Cass’ promo on WWE Smackdown this week directed at Bryan, you can check it out below:

The seven-footer explains to Renee Young why size will matter when he faces Daniel Bryan at WWE Money in the Bank.

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