Complete Content Listing for the Upcoming WWE Network Collection On The Godfather

According to, below is the full content listing for the upcoming WWE Network Collection on The Godfather being released on Monday, June 4th

All Aboard the Co-llection Train (Interview)
The Godfather starts up the Co-llection train by sharing his thoughts on teaming with Mark Henry during his early days as a pimp.

RAW 07/27/1998 – The Train Arrives
The Godfather introduces the WWE Universe to his lineup of ladies when he teams with Mark Henry to battle L.O.D. 2000.

RAW 11/16/1998 – A Man’s Man
Before taking on Steven Regal in singles action, The Godfather earns the wrath of his opponent by making some disparaging remarks.

Shotgun Saturday Night 12/12/1998 – No Choice at All
Droz’s mannerisms towards the Ho Train leads The Godfather to deny his opponent the honor of his usual pre-match offer.

Heat 01/17/1999 – Gold, Snow, and Head
Al Snow goes undercover as a member of the Ho Train when The Godfather goes one-on-one with Goldust.

Shotgun Saturday Night 03/13/1999 – Put to the Test
Test shows the WWE Universe where his priorities are after The Godfather makes him an offer that he is compelled to refuse.

RAW 04/12/1999 – Golden Exchange
The Godfather uses his ladies to entice Big Boss Man into giving up his shot to challenge Goldust for the Intercontinental Title.

Riding High Nation Wide (Interview)
The Godfather remembers his reign as Intercontinental Champion and recalls facing some young talent during the storied Attitude Era.

Metal 10/02/1999 – Sexual Chocolate Melts
Before they clash in singles competition, The Godfather shows Mark Henry that ‘Bros before Hos’ doesn’t exist in his line of work.

No Mercy 1999 – On Mideon’s Level
The Godfather decides not to extend his usual offer before he goes one-on-one with Mideon.

SmackDown 11/04/1999 – Y2J Says No
Violence erupts after The Godfather’s generous pre-match offer is rebuffed by Chris Jericho.

RAW 11/15/1999 – A Sign of the Times
The Godfather takes exception to a protester who chooses to preach during his match against Kurt Angle.

Jakked 02/05/2000 – On the Down Low
The tag team partnership of The Godfather and D’Lo Brown pays dividends when they take to the ring to battle The Headbangers.

SmackDown 03/16/2000 – The Godfather Plays The Game
Before going one-on-one with Triple H, The Godfather incurs The Game’s wrath by propositioning Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley.

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Reason to Party (Interview)
After commenting on his battle with Triple H, The Godfather shares some unique memories on teaming with D’Lo Brown.

RAW 03/27/2000 – Money Talks
The Godfather and D’Lo Brown prove that everyone has a price when they pay The Acolytes to take their place in a Tag Team Match.

WrestleMania 2000 – Big Pimpin’ at WrestleMania
Before their match against Big Boss Man and Bull Buchanan, The Godfather and D’Lo Brown are lead to the ring by Ice-T.

RAW 04/10/2000 – Angle Abstains
After Kurt Angle refuses his usual offer, The Godfather looks for an in-ring victory over The Olympic Gold Medalist.

No One Likes the Fun Police (Interview)
Despite having immense respect for Kurt Angle’s accomplishments, The Godfather recalls his rivalry with WWE’s Olympic Gold Medalist.

Heat 04/16/2000 – Putting Differences Aside
Despite being on opposite sides of the ring, The Godfather and Val Venis find common ground after Kurt Angle interrupts their bout.

Heat 04/30/2000 – Kaientai Boards the Train
The Godfather partners with Kaientai to take on Stevie Richards and The Headbangers in a Six-Man Tag Team Match.

RAW 05/08/2000 – New Prospects and Former Friends
After making a unique offer to Chyna, The Godfather learns who his friends are during a match against Eddie Guerrero.

SmackDown 06/29/2000 – Distracted by Censorship
Steven Richards preaches censorship when The Godfather takes to the ring to go one-on-one with Bull Buchanan.

Mid-Career Crisis (Interview)
The Godfather looks back shamefully on the time that he put aside his fun-loving lifestyle to join Steven Richards’ Right to Censor.

Royal Rumble 2002 – Return of a Pimp
The Godfather chooses the 2002 Royal Rumble Match to make his return to in-ring competition.

SmackDown 09/12/2002 – The Godfather’s Objection
When Billy and Chuck look to cement their union, The Godfather and his Ho Train interrupt the proceedings.

SmackDown 09/21/2007 – One More Chance to Ride
The Godfather offers Teddy Long one last chance to board his Ho Train before he ties the knot to Krystal.

Party. Live It Up. Have Fun!!! (Interview)
The Godfather looks back on his career and the ride that took him all the way to the WWE Hall of Fame.

WWE Hall of Fame 2016 – Last Stop, Hall of Fame!
Years of entertaining the WWE Universe lead to The Godfather doing a pimp walk into the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2016.

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