Watch Titus O’Neil’s Hilarious WWE GRR Botch, Samoa Joe ‘Disappointed’ in Reigns, Hardy Surprises Brother Nero (Videos)

WWE has released the above video featuring backstage footage of Matt Hardy greeting “Brother Nero” following Jeff Hardy’s successful Title defense and Matt’s Tag Title win at Greatest Royal Rumble.

“Woken” Matt Hardy congratulates his brother Jeff on winning at the Greatest Royal Rumble, and he vows they will remain connected even though they are on separate brands.

Samoa Joe ‘Disappointed’ in Roman Reigns

After Roman Reigns failed to defeat Brock Lesnar at the WWE Greatest Royal Rumble match, Samoa Joe cut the following backstage promo telling Reigns he has disappointed both Samoa Joe and the WWE Universe.

You’ve disappointed me, Roman.
You’ve disappointed us all. #WWEBacklash

— Samoa Joe (@SamoaJoe) April 27, 2018

Watch Titus O’Neil’s Hilarious WWE GRR Botch

A legitimately hilarious botch took place tonight when Titus O’Neil made his entrance for the Greatest Royal Rumble match and tripped, sending him completely under the ring:

Titus O’Neil makes Shockmaster Entry into the #WWEGRR Match!

— (@pw_dotcom) April 27, 2018

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