Matt Riddle’s Bloodsport Results (4/5): Minoru Suzuki Headlines, WALTER vs ‘Filthy’ Tom Lawlor, Dan Severn & More

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GCW Presents: Matt Riddle’s Bloodsport
April 5, 2018

Report by Mike Killam for

DOMINIC GARRINA def. TKB. The stream started about 30 minutes late and we missed the first half of the opening match, so we’ll update this with better coverage later on.¬†Garrina shoots in right away to take his opponent down to the mat and starts throwing brutal knees into the body. He ended up getting the win trapping TKB into a cross armbar.


Kingston is sporting a yellow singlet with no boots in a pretty drastic look for the veteran. Loud “F—K EM UP EDDIE” chants rang out as the two started circling, looking for an opening to go to the mat. Kingston shoots in takes his opponent down but the more agile Williams slips out of a hold and rains down with elbows to thee back of the head. Eddie got a bit too cocky and asked Tracy to hit him, shaking off a few slaps but gets surprised by another takedown into a key lock. He tries to escape but “Hot Sauce” retains control transitioning into a knee bar instead.

The two fight back to a vertical base but Kingston comes out of nowhere with a beautiful sleeper suplex and locks in a snug side suplex. They tease a tap-out but Williams gets his second wind and battles back, throwing kicks and connecting with a double foot stomp. Eddie caught him on the jaw with a right hook that sent him staggering, then whirled around with the spinning back fist! “Hot Sauce” goes down hard and the referee calls for the bell!

Winner by KO: Eddie Kingston


The two lock up in the middle of the ring and Stone takes things to the mat with a back mount, shoving his opponent’s face into the mat and coming down with forearm shots to the back of the head. Masada flipped it around and started firing off with his own shots, slapping the hell out of the Brit until letting him go to reset the bout. Another lockup and Stone takes it, struggling to maintain a side headlock as they nearly roll outside of the ring. Masada tries to go after his feet but he had it scouted. Back to square one again.

Masada started throwing slaps right and left with a smile on his face, but Stone threw them right back as they built on each other’s aggression. The UK star again took things to the mat with a side mount throwing elbows but the hardcore king shakes them off, starting to show signs of exhaustion. Masada let his guard up and started throwing strikes, basically knocking out his opponent from the bottom position somehow. Stone falls to the mat and Masada immediately goes after him with right hands until the referee calls for the bell.

Winner by KO: Masada


Lawlor tries to throw strikes but couldn’t land, and was trying his hardest to not get caught by the much meatier German star. WALTER caught a high kick in the air and took his opponent down with a single, devestating chop across the chest. He went to the mat targeting the left arm, forcing all 300-plus pounds of his frame down on top of Lawlor’s body to maintain control, switching between side mount and front mount to deliver some brutal blows. WALTER showing a little heel flair taking off his opponent’s elbow pad and going back to work on the left arm, as the commentators wonder if that should be a DQ from the ref. The big man eventually let “Filthy” get back to his feet just to drop him with a side suplex. Total domination.

After about ten minutes Lawlor finally gets his first offense move in of the entire match, connecting with a series of rapid kicks and strikes. He hit a running knee but WALTER refused to go down, coming back with a rolling elbow strike that damn near decapitated his opponent. The crowd came to life for that spot and WALTER dropped down into a chokehold, rianing down right hands until the referee called for the bell.

Winner: WALTER


Dickinson takes things to the mat with a front-mounted choke right away, but Severn fired back with clubbing blows straight to the kidneys. The UFC Hall of Famer turned the hold around and got a front mount, looking for an opening to put the fight away earnly, but Dickinson put up a fight forcing him to transition between holds. Eventually the referee brought them back to their feet after a lack of activity.

Dickinson exploded out of nowhere with a devastating body kick to take down the veteran and immediately went after him with a rear mount, throwing right hands to the back of the head. The Beast got some space and wanted a breather, but was taken back down to the mat with a spinebuster as the beating continued. Nothing pretty here for the Catch Point star, just strong lefts and rights, taking his time as the nearly 30 years between them gives Dickinson a serious stamina advantage.

Dickinson kept up his attack firing away with shots as Severn protected himself. The referee forced him to break it up for absolutely no reason as the punches were being blocked and The Beast was clearly still making an effort to protect himself, and then the referee didn’t even call for the bell. Dickinson went right back after him with a running kick, but Severn caught him in the air into a sleeper hold and got the victory as the referee finally called for the bell. Was it a submission? Was it a TKO? Nobody knows. Controversial finish and the crowd wasn’t happy.

Winner: Dan Severn

– Dickinson freaked out at the referee after the match, and rightfully so because it appeared that he was legitimately screwed. He went out and attacked Severn and the two brawled around ringside until Matt Riddle came out and got between them.


Good back and forth at the start with both men taking things to the mat, countering back and forth with holds. Thatcher had the better ground game and took control after several minutes, but Gage decided he didn’t give a s–t abut the rules or spirt of the show and threw his opponent to the floor, slamming him into the barricades and anything else he could get his hands on. He tried to set up a table but Thatcher saw it coming and fought back with stiff kicks to give himself some breathing room. They went back to the ring and Gage tackled his opponent to the floor throwing massive unprotected rights until the referee ended the match. I guess we’re not using that table…

Winner: Nick Gage

– Gage got on the microphone after the match and cut a promo but I have no idea what he said because it just sounded like garbled Charlie Brown adults on the live feed.


The referee wanted a handshake before the match but the two came forehead to forehead and started shoving each other instead. Riddle set in with kicks right away but Suzuki easily caught his leg and trapped him in a submission, wrenching away at the ankle. Perhaps playing a bit of mind games early on, the IWGP Intercontinental Champion let his opponent get back to his feet and laughed at him.

Riddle shook it off and got the better of a lockup, mounting Suzuki from the back and hammering away with elbow shots to the back. They rolled to the floor and Matt kept on him with stiff punches and strikes, but Minoru countered into another leg submission on the concrete this time. Eventually the referee got him to let up, but the Suzuki-Gun leader was not happy about that and chased the kid around the ringside area with a steel chair, which the crowd loved.

Reset back in the ring. Suzuki took things to the mat but Riddle reversed a hold into a side headlock and drove his knees into his opponent’s back. He let up the hold to fire off with brutal kicks and dropped a few knees on the back, trying his best to avoid getting trapped in a submission literally every time he moved. Big vertical suplex from the master of Bros, but Minoru popped right back up and caught him in a rear naked choke! Riddle tried to struggle free but only sunk the hold on tighter, and was eventually forced to tap out.

Winner: Minoru Suzuki

–¬†After the match Riddle offered his hand and in an extremely rare show of respect, actually hugged his opponent. The two celebrated and Minoru put the show-runner over before leaving. Matt got on the mic as the crowd chanted “BRO” and thanked everyone for coming out and making Bloodsport a reality.

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