Chael Sonnen Says He Would Have “Kicked Ronda Rousey’s Ass” Off Recent ESPN Interview Set

As noted, Ronda Rousey made the ESPN media rounds last week to promote WrestleMania 34, and a couple of her interviews, on shows such as “First Take”, were slightly contentious and awkward.

Specifically, Rousey appeared on the “Golic & Wingo” show, and during the interview, host Mike Golic asked Rousey about her decision to quit fighting, to which Rousey said she never claimed she is finished fighting. Rousey then had somewhat of a semantics battle with Golic when she basically told the host she does not have the ability to time travel.

MMA star Chael Sonnen, on a recent edition of “Beyond the Fight”, addressed the Golic interview and had the following to say on Rousey’s responses to the show host:

“If I was the host, I would have kicked [Ronda Rousey’s] ass right off the set. I’m inviting you on here, on a sports show, on ESPN, a place that you don’t belong as a professional wrestler, but we can all scratch each other’s back. There’s a lot of people that do care and find it interesting. So let’s go ahead and do this. I’ve got to talk some real sport because I am a sports show, and I’m on ESPN, okay…You’re not active, bringing up history is no fun, so I’ve got to talk about the future. Fair question by me, but you’re gonna try and belittle me for it?”

Sonnen went on to say that after booting Rousey from the show, he would have then, as the show’s host, cut a promo the next day boasting about the show’s ratings and noting how the cameras are still on the show host and not on Rousey. You can watch all of Sonnen’s comments in the video player above.

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