Young Bucks Reveal Who Thought Of Cody Rhodes vs Kenny Omega, Which NXT Star Was Part of the Original Match Plans?

NJPW and ROH stars The Young Bucks recently spoke with ESPN and below are several interview highlights.

On the current Cody Rhodes vs Kenny Omega feud leading to their match at ROH Supercard of Honor:

“We booked that match almost a year ago,” Nick said.

“Kenny vs. Cody was literally mine and Nick’s idea,” added Matt.

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On the original plan for the Bullet Club storyline being Adam Cole, who is now with WWE, vs Kenny Omega:

“It was supposed to be Kenny and Adam Cole, to be honest. That was the first original BC split that we pictured. But Adam left to WWE, so we’re like, ‘Man, we need to do it, but who could we do it with?’” Nick said.

“God, Cody’s the perfect foil for Kenny,” Matt remarked. “I love Adam and he’s awesome, but I feel like Cody’s character — the way he plays the villain and the bad guy is such a great contrast to the way Kenny is a good guy — so the two are just so perfect when they’re onscreen together. When Cody’s doing his manipulation …”

“It’s perfect for it,” Nick finished.

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