5 WWE Stars John Cena Has Never Faced, Relive the ‘Symphony of Destruction’ (Video), Finn Balor Honors His Mom

WWE has released the above video.

Relive all of the musical mayhem as Braun Strowman battles Elias in the first-ever Symphony of Destruction Match on Raw.

5 WWE Stars John Cena Has Never Faced

WWE.com has released a new article looking at five WWE stars John Cena has never faced, and they include Matt Hardy, Bobby Roode, Kofi Kingston, Shane McMahon and Chad Gable. On Hardy, the article notes the following:

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Easily the most entertaining prospect on this list is the current vessel of Matt Hardy, who has been entangled in a “Great War” with Bray Wyatt since a string of losses propelled him to a higher plane of existence. Cena has clashed with Hardy’s previous incarnations before — he and Shawn Michaels once lost the Tag Team Titles to Matt & Jeff — but a battle with “Woken” Matt is a positively wonderful prospect we hope happens sooner rather than later. Cue the maniacal laughter.

Finn Balor Honors His Mom

Finn Balor is another WWE star who Tweeted yesterday on International Women’s Day. Balor honored his mother as seen in the Tweet below:

I would not be the man I am today without the support & strength of my mother. Happy International Women’s Day to my mum & all other woman around the world who are inspired, unafraid & show their strength everyday to make this world a better place. #WomensDay2018 pic.twitter.com/HgZaFPnCsi

— Finn Bálor forEVERYone (@FinnBalor) March 8, 2018

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