Undisputed Era On Not ‘Skipping Around Like Goofs’ In NXT, Why No Team On the Planet Can Operate At Their Level

WWE NXT Tag Team Champions The Undisputed Era recently spoke with Byron Saxton for WWE.com, and below are some interview highlights.

On their message to the NXT locker room:

“Our message is that there is nothing anyone can do to swim against this current,” O’Reilly told WWE.com. “As far as I’m concerned, every other tag team of NXT is treading in deep water and getting tired, and we are the sharks that have begun to circle.”

On their early success in NXT:

“When you produce at the level of Kyle and I, winning is to be expected,” Fish said. “After we won the NXT Tag Team Championship, we toasted ourselves on a job well done. After that, we went back to work. We are most at home in the fight or in the process, so it was back to the gym, back to training and back to studying. Sorry to disappoint, but skipping around like a couple of goofs who finally reached the mountaintop was not in the cards.”

On how they stack up to the competition:

“When you delivered at the level Kyle, Cole and I are accustomed to, there are no surprises,” Fish said. “It’s a simple ‘if A, then B’ system. The process is in the work. Our work is never left unfinished; it’s always looked after, and, therefore, success follows us like a lost dog searching for a home. Come one, come all. The variety of challenge ensures the entertainment of those who follow our history. Watch as time and time again we prove there is no team walking this planet who can operate on our level. We are NXT, and this is our era!”

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