Enzo Amore Receives Stitches After Cruiserweight Title Defense; Possibly Dealing w/ Far Worse Injury?

An uncharacteristically emotional Enzo Amore received a series of stitches following his Cruiserweight Championship defense against Cedric Alexander on last night’s episode of WWE Raw. The champ, who retained his title by count-out after suffering some kind of leg injury during the bout, was legitimately split open and was bleeding heavily from a cut above his right eye.

Because several people have asked, it’s unknown at this time whether or not Enzo’s other injury – the one that ultimately cost Cedric his shot at the title – is legitimate. You can hear him in the video above talking about how he might have a “broken leg” and was on his way to receive a medical examination, but WWE has yet to provide any kind of update on his condition or even mention the fact that he hurt his leg during the championship match on Raw. When an injury is obviously fake, like with Brock Lesnar and Kane from last night’s show, they generally have a storyline update acknowledging their condition before Raw even goes off the air.

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While it would be well within Enzo’s character to fake an injury to get out of a title match, he either legitimately hurt himself during the bout or deserves a gold medal for how well he sold the bump as well as his behavior backstage later on. Generally if they’re going to run this kind of angle, the babyface who was “screwed” out of his opportunity would have some kind of emotional response to sell the program, but Cedric Alexander had no negative reaction to the finish whatsoever and didn’t appear to fully understand what was going on.

Of course, there’s always the chance that Enzo is completely fine (other than the stitches) and the entire thing is one fake angle that he happened to sell extraordinarily well. Either way, we’ll keep you posted.

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