Edge On a Possible Second Season Of WWE Network Show, WWE 2K18 DDTs, Y2J vs Kingston (Videos)

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Edge On a Possible Second Season Of WWE Network Show

The status of Edge & Christian’s comedy show on WWE Network, which aired only one season, has been up in the air since the conclusion of the debut season.

Edge recently spoke with Sports Illustrated and offered the following comment on a possible second season of the show:

“In terms of where we could have time to film it and fit it in, that was the big difficulty,” said Edge, whose drama series, Vikings, premieres its fifth season tonight on the History channel. “The show was a lot of work, but we had a great time with it.

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“We wrote it, produced it, directed it, and were really hands-on. There were 14-hour days and it was pretty intensive from a time perspective. There are still talks, and they want to do it.”

“If I can somehow cram it in, we’ll make it happen,” said Edge. “We have a hiatus on Vikings over the summer, so maybe I could squeeze it in there, but I want to spend time with my family, too. It’s a matter of trying to juggle all these things, but the top priority is being dad and partner, and then comes acting and any other commitments, all the while doing the podcast, too. It’s a matter of wearing a lot of hats, but I just don’t know if my head is big enough for all of them.”

WWE 2K18 DDTs, Y2J vs Kingston

WWE has released the following videos:

“Turning the tide of a match is as easy as hitting one DDT for a WWE Superstar! See how your favorite Superstars perform their biggest DDTs in WWE 2K18”:

“In a surprising turn of events, Kofi Kingston challenges Chris Jericho for the Intercontinental Championship before partaking in his first match on Monday Night Raw”:

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